Crises are Human-Made


Trying to find a solution for Yemen continuing crises is still unreachable in such sophisticated community. Looking for the causes, it appears made by humans. The solutions and causes for Yemen’s problems are not new or surprising. The days, months, and years of the past are much better than the year to come. This dost not have to do with the former President’s good past, rather it is really linked to his bad past that left the whole country’s population suffering today.

After fifty two years of revolution, the capital of Yemen still lives in the dark, without electricity for more than 18 hours a day. Twenty four million have tried all their best to end the fuel and electricity shortages but they couldn’t help because it’s made by them.

I write to address the daily challenges or I write to raise the awareness of people to accept the facts and buy their own infrastructure on behalf of the government to ensure the operation of their daily businesses and normal lives.

Even this is not allowed for big organizations as the government considers it a big interference in its business. The government approved businessmen to import their own fuel and diesel but it suspended the decree at the same time. The government invites businessmen to apply for the powerful positions but it never enables them to carry on the projects.

The poor mentality of everyone keeps the rich and the poor alike frustrated. Even the holy month of Ramadan did not stop them from their wrong practices. It’s really sad to keep repeating the same words and complains and no one can take the courage to draw a short-term plan before a long-term plan.