Hospital Negligence Leads to the Death of Mother and Unborn Baby

National Yemen

An operation clinck

By NY staff

On July 7, 2014, a mother died with her unborn baby in Eastern Al-Ridh hospital in Al-Ridh directorate in eastern Hadramout because of the closing of the operations section of the hospital.

The deceased woman’s husband said that he took his wife to the Al-Riyadh hospital after she felt pain and dizziness. At that time there were only two doctors in the hospital, one was treating patients and the other was standing without doing anything.

The husband added that he called the Specialist of Obstetrics and Gynecology, whose nationality is Uzbek, asking her to came to the hospital. The specialist replied that his wife needed an operation and the hospital didn’t have the capabilities for the operation, so he should take her to Shahar Hospital.

The husband demanded from the doctors to bring an ambulance to take his wife to Shahar General Hospital, which is about 100 kilometers from Eastern Al-Ridh hospital, but they refused, saying that the ambulance of the hospital doesn’t have a battery, which forced the husband to go out searching for a taxi while his wife was facing death.

Finally, the husband arrived to Shahar Hospital but his wife has already died with their unborn baby.

According to the investigations, Al-Ridh hospital has only three ambulances due to a technical glitch and the hospital administration hadn’t fixed them from long time. They also have two other cars used as transportation by the artistic director of the hospital.

The Operations Section has been closed for one month as a result of a scandal of a Tajik doctor who gained $1150 without practicing his job.

The people of the directorate are suffering because of the closing of the anesthesia department, and they face a big obstacle in taking their patients to Shahar Hospital due to the distance.