Ramadan Series: Infidelity and Pornography

Asma al-Mohattwari

“When Ramadan comes, the gates of heaven opened, the gates of Hell closed, and the devils are chained,” said Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him (PBUH).

Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness and emancipation from hell. During this month, Satan is bound by chains and cannot whisper to and distract Muslims from acts of worship. However, human beings have created a new devil no less dangerous than Satan. It is ‘Ramadan series’.

It is known that the Arabic media and satellite channels are competing to broadcast the largest amount of TV series during Ramadan, but the strange thing is that in this Ramadan the satellite channels have strayed away from the meaning of faith and broadcast a number of singers and actresses who have abandoned all morals and customs and are unrelated to the chastity and decency, they are the stars of Ramadan.

The funny thing is that the producers claim that they are discussing issues to find solutions but actually they are spreading the problem.  Zahra al-Mathhaji, a housewife, said that the “Lawo” series is supposed to be against marital Infidelity. On the contrary, it raises the desire to establish a relationship out of a marital relationship. “They present it in a way that it is normal to have a relationship and present the traitor as an oppressed.”

According to Mohammad al-Mansor, the theme of Ramadan series is only love and romantic relationships, as if the Arab Muslim citizens concerns have became such a textual relationship. “Series are without renaissance or history or identity. I wish the love they are talking about is related to Arabs, but it is a distorted copy from the West.”

The contradiction in this holy month is that channels are sponsoring such dirty programs and are broadcasting to the Islamic kingdoms. The money spent for such series is better served for the benefit of Muslim issues and their needs in this dark period. The devastating war in Syria, terrorism Daesh in Iraq, no security in Egypt, in addition to the economic and social crises in Yemen and Tunisia and Gulf are not reflected in Ramadan programming.

Safa Ali said that this month is to worship and be near to Allah and not to waste time. “I usually ask myself why only in Ramadan are there a vast amount and entertainment programs? It is to be far away from Allah and waste our time outside mosques and away from Holy Quran.”

Safa supported the campaign to boycott Ramadan’s series. “I hope the number to increase of members of youth who are refusing to watch such series.”


  • all indicators of arabic media aims to erase islamic and arabic identity ,and make youth be admired of western identity then to be part of it.

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