360 Days Emergency

This has been the case of Yemeni people for the past three years. The little hope for a better tomorrow has become part of the past. The nonstop crises aggravate every day with total silence from the government who don’t seem to care about the current political situation. Its indeed a worthless excuse that keeps poor and rich, shaikh and citizen, businessmen and employee, private sector and government entities with the same fate, which is unfair politically, socially, and economically. For these reasons and many more, the majority of Yemeni youth and the well-educated individuals are seriously seeking different options for immigration.

What would be the excuse! It is a very dangerous option to see the elite and academic fellows think that way. It is very legal with the total absence of solutions from the government side. With a regretful tone, the transition and the consensus government have pushed the country back and made the livelihood of the community worse than expected before the youth revolution 2011, even worse than the revolution against the dictatorship of Imamate kingdom before Sep 26th, 1962, which was carried out for freedom, education and many more decent life elements that we miss today. This is not a blame against the two revolutions; it is a total shame against those who like to see pain and suffering. The same people have allowed daily fighting, the total blackout of power, shortages of fuel, assassinations, and so on.

Again, I can say the daily human troubles are made by wrong acts these people do for the favor of their party’s good image. This matter has made international efforts worthless, despite of their unlimited logistic and financial support to save Yemen from collapse into a civil war.

Since the international community interfered in the country’s problems, the people of Yemen are not struggling along on a daily basis. Even those in the Gulf states and the UN Security Council are having a 360 day emergency in Yemen before the quarterly report of General Envoy to Yemen Jamal Binomer, who keeps threating blockades of the Gulf Initiative and those who attack the country’s infrastructure.

Since troublemakers have touched none of these routine threats, the emergency for survival will remain, like the people in Amran city and the last clashes between Houthi affiliates, the government, and Islah loyalists. The final results of the 360 days emergency would be a failed country that would never end at its boundaries. The crises will reach neighboring countries and the low safety and security have an effect on international trade over the Bab al-Mandab strait in the Red Sea. Quick solutions away from political agendas are the only choice for safety and stability in the region.