Political Analysis

Amran War is a Result of Many Failures

National Yemen

By Mohammed Al-Absi

The attack of the Houthi militia against Brigade 310 and the death of its leader Hamid Al-Kosheebi is not a criminal act but it falls within terrorist acts. If the Transitional Authority, represented by President Hadi and the government doesn’t take any punitive measures against the Houthis, Yemen won’t be a real state even after a hundred years.

I am not of those who give their opinion according to the victim’s identity or the affiliation of the perpetrator. My attitude of any crime won’t change even if it’s committed by a friend.

When the Alhanq militias attacked the Republican Guard Brigade in Alsama under the slogan of the revolution and the blood of the young in 2011, I said that this is a terrorist act unrelated to the revolution.

Those who are crying today for the fall of Amran and Brigade 310, they before encouraged to kill the soldiers of the familial army and to topple the camps by force. They also accused the owners of independent opinion, who are against armed resistance, on the defense of the familial system.

When the Mountain Infantry Brigades, which are considered the only specialized and trained mountain brigades in the Yemeni army in the mountainous wars and gang wars, are divided and moved to the Shabwa Coast and the Marib Desert, I said it is a disaster. After a year, I made sure of my opinion, when the infantry brigades distributed to the military police as a result of the clashes in Marib.

When the supporters of the revolution and the brigades of General Ali Mohsen with his sheikhs looted the locomotives of the Economic Corporation, I described it as an assault on state institutions and I believed that the slogan of “overthrow the regime” doesn’t mean overthrow the state.

At that time the Reform Party was practicing the role of clergyman which is practiced by their enemies today, the Houthi group.

They blew up Al-Nahdeen mosque, now they are crying because of bombing their allies’ houses, Quranic centers, and the University of Faith by the Houthi group.

The army is being destroyed gradually and orderly. The accusers of the crime, that occurred in seventy fields and caused the death of 100 soldiers, are punished by imprisonment for four years, while the rebels of the Republican Guard are punished by imprisonment for nine years.

When the strategy of restructuring the armed forces and security was issued, the Socialist Party and the Reform Party as well as members of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and youths clapped happily. At that time, I said that the restructuring of the army was not to establish a national army.

The son of the former president, Ahmed Ali was sacked from the leadership of the Republican Guard. Instead of continuing his establishment for the Republican Guard, they restructured it in a way that led to destroying all its strong foundations.

We told all the (NDC) members in the general and the Reform Party in particular that they have to put the military treasury of controlling the Central Agency under control like the other state institutions.

We told them also that the strategy of restructuring the armed forces is still on paper and the reality is something different.  However, they did not do anything. They continued recruiting the militias and followers of sheikhs to make them as a familial army as they called it.

According to the real strategy of restructuring, the main task of the strategy of restructuring the armed forces is to look again at the lists of recruits and delete the unreal names, which may reach in the thousands of names. However, the unreal names have increased during the process of restructuring.

In 25th of March 2013, when fifty secret documents of the Ministry of Defense from 2012, and report about the army were published, I said that if the aim of the National Congress’s members was a national aim, they would force the president to apply the system of personal footprint inside the camps and security units.

However, the lacks of credibility in the national strategy to restructure the armed forces and the army led to dividing the army and turning it into tribal and dogmatic militias belonging to the traditional power centers within the tribe and the army.