Political Analysis

Government is absent in Al-Jawf

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Since ancient times, Yemeni women have been linked with political life and have had a distinct role in governance. This historical legacy made Yemen one of the few countries where women gained balanced roles in public life as well as enjoying confidence, respect, and acceptance in running and handling affairs of governance.

Yemeni women are considered strong and have determination. During the conflict and famine many women had to fight for the survival of their families. Despite all the difficulties Yemeni women experienced, they are still proud of their culture and love for their beautiful country.

Although that the government ignored the women of remote and Bedouin areas, female figures of al-Jawf province are providing a fantastic model of Yemeni women, despite their geographical distance and the values of the tribe and their customs and traditions. But these women who approached the position of sheikhs in the surroundings draw a different picture for the uneducated women who can do more than the educated ones with a commitment to custom and tradition. The great thing is that they strongly put their status and reputation by making it a part of the customs and traditions that criminalize preventing any of the women their rights.

The women in al-Jawf are characterized by habits of manhood such as magnanimity, generosity, chivalry, courage, and hosting guests, and are practicing business such as agriculture, grazing, fishing and daily business like driving cars except for the weapons phenomenon that distinguishes men from women. But sometimes when necessary they carry weapons to defend themselves.

Al-Jawf’s women need more care in education. The Director of Women’s Development in al-Jawf province said that women have a strong presence in the community and now the situation is getting better in the field of education, as well as in guiding handicrafts and farming. Yet their representation in many areas is still very basic because of the absence of support from government agencies and non-governmental ones.

She added that some families prevent their daughters from education because there aren’t enough schools for girls and most of schools are mixed with boys and girls, “There are 460 schools and only two schools for females and the rest for males and females.”

The Women’s Development Office in the province work on annual plans and submit them into the province and also to the Ministry of Local Administration but they didn’t receive any response from them and they ignored them because there is not enough budget for the office. “We do some volunteer activities to raise awareness among women and to encourage them to be activate and demand their rights to activate their role in society,” said the Director of Women Development in al-Jawf province.

She sent a message to all women of al-Jawf not to ignore their rights and claim to activate their role in all fields and participate in community activities to have their imprint in the community also she sent a message to the President of the Republic of Yemen to care more about al-Jawf and force all the officials in the province to work honestly.