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Islamic Relief Provides Yemeni Orphans Eid Gifts

National Yemen

As part of its objectives to fulfill the beneficiaries’ needs, Islamic Relief in Yemen has recently distributed 600 Eid gifts to sponsored orphans and their siblings in Sana’a.

Each orphan is given a coupon with value of €20.7, then all family members are being transported to Al-Azani shopping mall, in Taiz Street, where orphans have the freedom to select his/her preferred clothes.

“My daughters are very happy and they started telling our neighbors about their new clothes, they were excited during shopping in the mall,” said Fatimah Senan, 45, a mother of nine orphans living in Sana’a.

This project is designed to assist orphans and their families with clothes as it is one of the main needs for children during Eid. This kind of assistance is highlighting the concept of equality and promoting the value of giving among society.

In Yemen, Eid is celebrated through wearing new clothes, greeting each other, and offering candies and cash to children. This holiday is a special event where people express basic values of the Muslim community such as empathy for the poor and charity.

“These gifts helped us in reducing our expenses for Eid. The value of the three coupons we got was enough to buy Eid clothes for my three daughters and two extra pieces for two of their brothers. My kids feel no shame to show up in public and play with other children”.

This support is just one type of aid given to sponsored orphans in Yemen, such as education, health, protection, and monthly cash allowance. In addition, sponsored orphans are involved in other projects such as Ramadan and Qurbani in order to reduce their suffering and give them an opportunity to live in an acceptable living environment.