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SIA Assistant Director Escapes Assassination Attempt

At the end of Ramadan on the night of July 20, instead of receiving a holiday gift, the twins al-Hassan and al-Hussein Abdullah Al-Mutawakel, 17 years old, received an explosive device planted in their father’s car.

The explosive device was targeting Abdullah Al-Mutawakel, Assistant Director of the Sana’a International Airport (SIA). The assassination attempt failed, but one of his sons was injured and his leg was amputated. “Hussein’s health condition is unstable, and one of his legs was amputated because of the explosive device planted in my car,” Al-Mutawakel said.

Elham Al-Mutawakel said that it is not enough for these criminals to fight in the battlefield but they are looking for the safe families to kill and burn them. “The state proved that it is not only a failed state but cannot live only on the blood of innocent civilians. Apparently we are in front of dirty ethnic cleansing, no matter how you kill our homeland will remain for us, and we will continue to be part of it and criminals in prison will be in their place.”

Al-Mutawakel family belongs to al-Houthi group (Ansar Allah) and attacks are targeting to Houthis leaders to stir up sedition.