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Yemen Celebrates World Population Day

Asma al-Mohattwari

In the past two years, Yemen has witnessed political, economic, and social events reflecting significant effects on all levels and indicators of development that led to the change of many priorities and left a big impact on youth and their interaction with the community and its different issues.

Because of the bad effects of the youth in the last years, the Yemeni National Population Council in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for population (UNFPA) launched activities to celebrate the World Population Day 2014, under the theme Investing in Youth.

No one disagrees in considering that youth are the most influential segment in various areas of life. This segment of population represents the strength of the community. Dr. Ahmed Bouraji, the Secretary-General of the National Population Council, called for giving the youth more attention because the fact that population estimates indicate a continued increase of youth and the total rate for their number increasing during 2014 to 8.8 million people, reaching 8.33% of the total population, and around 9.6 million people, 7.32%, in 2004.

“Data and demographic information show that youth in age (10-24 years) represent a quarter of the world’s population and this percentage increases in the developing countries. In Yemen it is about one-third of the population (33.8%), according to 2014 estimates. This is what causes us to pay attention to this category more than anybody else. Population estimates indicate a continued increase to reach eight million and eight hundred thousand people by 33.8% of the total population in 2014,” Bouraji said.

For his part, Assistant Representative of the United Nations Fund for Yemen, Dr. Hemiar Abdalmugni, said that the purpose of World Population Day celebration is raising the awareness of issues related to population. “Every year the fund sheds light on a particular issue and focuses on improving the status of teenagers, and aid in the development of youth issues is one of the most development goals for 2015”

Abdalmugni stressed that a healthy and safe of successful transit from adolescence to adulthood is the right of every child. “There is no way to implement this right unless families and communities focus in the investment of youth and provide opportunities to ensure that adolescents and youth will develop their knowledge and skills to enable them to live a healthy and productive life by investigating themselves.”

He added that the UNFPA realizes that if the reasons of health, education, production capacity and full participation in the construction of their communities were available to them, they will be able to get rid of poverty and they will be more able to meet the challenges of individuals and society by their skills and knowledge.

During the celebration, a number of indicators on the situation of children and youth in Yemen were reviewed as well as their position in the national population policy. Journalists discussed the most important things to develop youth and decided that good education is the only thing to raise youth awareness and provide them with a better future. The government has to provide them with enough chairs in universities and a qualified cadre to teach them.

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  • We should not at all get education by keeping this view in mind that after getting education, we will be blessed with any high ranked job. Education should be used for the positive purposes.