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Al-Shami: Islah Party Seriously Discusses Withdrawal from Government

National Yemen

By NY staff

The Islah Party has announced its idea of withdrawing from the government. The head MP of Islah Party, Zaid al-Shami, said that the withdrawal from government is being discussed seriously among the Islah Party and the state should do its duty in relation to the war.

Al-Shami called on all parties to look to the future because Yemen doesn’t need more wars.

Al-Shami emphasized that the withdrawal from government will bring comfort to some other parties, especially those who talk about the equal partnership, pointing out that the partnership system is becoming bigger.

“The army demanded from the citizens to fight with it against the Houthis. If the state wanted the people’s help, it should do that through the general alarm, not through the personal relations,” he stated.

Al-Shami wished that the war would not come to Sana’a, emphasizing that there is not any problem between the Islah Party and Saudi Arabia. Saudi didn’t classify the Islah Party as a terrorist group and the Islah Party isn’t