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Defense Minister Receives al-Goashaibi Corpse

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Defense received the corpse of Major General Hameed al-Goashaibi, commander of the 310 Armored Brigade. Al-Goashaibi was killed two weeks ago in the Amran governorate by Houthi loyalists who have beleaguered Amran for more than three months. Houthi fighters killed al-Goashibi in Amran and took his dead body to Sa’ada, the homeland of al-Houthi’s leader. After killing him they disfigured his body, cutting his nose and ears.

The Ministry of Defense and the whole government of Yemen remind silent about his death. They named him the hero martyr. Amran is still under the full control of al-Houthi affiliates and they are seeking expansion. Houthi fighters have had six wars with the former President in Sa’ada. Al-Goashaibi’s remains were flown via military helicopter from Sa’ada to Sana’a, which landed at al-Dailami airbase.

The death of al-Goashaibi remained unknown until yesterday, Sunday July 20th, 2014. The international community denounced the aggressive treatment of al-Houthi groups. Houthis are threatening to overtake the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, asking for the National Dialogue  to revise the State geographical distribution.