Change Square Revolutionaries Died Before Achieving Their Demands

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Atta left this life before achieving her simple dream. Her dream was to restore her land, which was plundered by looters who showed no mercy for her old age.

Atta Ftini is one the revolutionaries that joined Change Square in Sana’a in February 2011, demanding the fall of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his regime. She participated in most of the revolutionary marches and events.

She did not know that her dream of the restoration of her land would not be achieved nor did she know that she will not be cured from her cancer. It was only a hope, but it ended with her departure of this life on Saturday July 19.

She had nothing in this world; only some aromatic plants called in Yemen Alamshaqr. She sold it by the pedestrian bridge in Sinainah area in Sana’a. She stopped selling clothes in Change Square after most of the protesters ended the sit-in.

One of her friends said that Atta had kept that the document of her land, which was looted by officials in the final days of the old regime. Despite the outbreak of the revolution of the youth, after three years she was unable to register it.

Not only did Atta leave this life before achieving her rights, but also many youth have died without seeing their demands of a good life and getting job fulfilled. The country’s situation is getting worse, and the political parties keep fighting each other in order to achieve their own interests and they ignore those who went out to the streets demanding real rights and demands.