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Houthi Leader Will Declare Intention to Appoint Himself Hashemite King of Yemen

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By NY Staff

The recent events in Amran and clashes between Ansar Allah (Houthis) and the Islah party have raised rumors that the Houthi leader will declare his intention to appoint himself the Hashemite King of Yemen.

Mohammed Abduslam, the spokesman of Ansar Allah, said that it is not their aim to rule the country under the judgment of the Imamate or Hashemi. “In case we rule Yemen we will not exclude or remove anyone from any political party, no matter how we disagree with him, for Yemen is for all the of her loyal people,” he said.

In his last speech about the Amran events, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, Ansar Allah leader, said that the most important institutions are state institutions, which should be for the people and the nation and not for the interest of one party, group, family, or even person.

The Islah party was insistent that Ansar Allah wants to restore the Imamate. “They want to marginalize all the people to be rulers and they don’t seek a civil state,” activist Hemir al-Moqbli stated.

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