The Powerful Negotiation

National Yemen

Fakhri al-Arashi

By Fakhri al-Arashi

Looking around the world, mainly at Arab and Muslim governments including Yemen, someone will notice very clearly the new common failed model of Arab leader’s actions in reaction to the Gaza war. The one month-long aggressive attack on Gaza by Israelis invaders narrates two stories. Both result in the improvement of Palestinian fighters’ capacities and reflect the shameful silence of Arab and Muslim leaders as well the loss of Israeli gains.

I don’t blame Israel, for much of the conflict is unethical acts of killing civilians as anyone can see on TV channels. Rather, I blame Arab leaders and nations who have disappointed mothers, men, and children in Gaza. They are targets for the Israeli smart bombs, air force, rockets, tanks and machine guns. It was in fact a war from two sides, the Arab silence on one side and Israel shelling and killing on the other.

Little Gaza with it is living population were an example of pride. While they lived with food and medicine shortages, they managed to fight back, kill, and kidnap some Israeli soldiers.  This led to the first time the Israeli government accepted negotiations and they agreed to apply some of Hamas’ demands despite of reusing the fight again since last night.

The negotiation that was taking place in Egypt wouldn’t occur if the Gazan people did not win the practical battle. Despite the damage on the ground, none of Hamas’ leaders were killed or arrested. The opposite happened. Israeli couldn’t continue because of the faithful protests of the European communities who couldn’t stand up to the massacres of civilians, for that they protested against the unfair war on Gaza. Arabs went to compliment the useless speech of King Abdullah who just condemned the war after 26 days of killing and shelling of little kids.

One of the results of the Arab leaders silence was not about Israel power, because Israel never pays attention to their calls, but because of their busy schedule with ongoing Arab Spring. The Arab Spring countries are more focused on punishing their own communities rather than Israel.

For that, the big dream of Israel has come true from the side of the Arabs, but not from Hamas who pushed Israel into a narrow corner with its technology. Through much of the past century, Palestinian children were fighting with stones. Now stones have been developed to al-Qasam rockets. This causes a serious threat to the security and stability of Israel who’s budget and investment dwarves that of Gaza.

There is no comparison between the two powers, but the overall indicators say that victory will come for the Palestinians. The land and right to survival like any other nation in the world are keys of the Gazan people’s success, simply because the Palestinians have no economy to lose while the Israelis do.  Palestinians have no choice to go anywhere while Israelis may go back to their homelands in Europe and elsewhere. That is why the negotiations will end in favor of Gaza today, tomorrow or in the future.