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Al-Qaeda Starts War of Attrition Against the Yemeni Army

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By NY Staff

The terrorist activities of Al-Qaeda are increasing, especially during the last five months of the current year. A specialist of al-Qaeda in Yemen, Jamal Abdul Razak, said that these activities indicate that the extensive military campaign against the strongholds of Al-Qaeda in the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa did not achieve its objectives.

Abdul Razak added that Al-Qaeda has started a war of attrition against the Yemeni army, using a new strategy in fighting after it lost its strongholds in Abyan and Shabwa.

“The new strategy is based on the temporary control of the cities and regions and then moving to another area in order to achieve greater gains with fewer losses. For example, last May, Al-Qaeda withdrew from al-Kotten and Seiyun after a few hours of full control,” Abdul Razak explained.

Abdul Razak emphasized that this strategy makes Al-Qaeda stronger than the Yemeni army, who spends much money to send its soldiers everywhere, pointing out that most of Al-Qaeda’s members are from the Hadramawt governorate and this gives a big opportunity for Al-Qaeda to win the war.

An expert in Al-Qaeda’s affairs, Saeed Obaid al-Jamhi, said that the members of Al-Qaeda are practicing corruption everywhere, even in security facilities and banks, while the state doesn’t have a clear vision to fight Al-Qaeda.

As a result of this negligence, about fourteen soldiers, most of them from the Amran governorate, were killed by Al-Qaeda’s members.

According to Al-Jamhi, fighting al-Qaeda is the responsibility of the Minister of Defense, security agencies, and leaders in the military establishment.