Four Countries exports fuel to Yemen

By NY Staff

In 2013, four countries dominated the imports of the Yemeni fuel markets, which consist of petrol, diesel and mazut fuel. This is the most important source of fuel, used to support electrical power stations and factories. In a statement for Al-Thawra, the General of Trade Statistics in the Central Bureau of Statistics said that, “in the last year, the imports of diesel reached 17.490.000 barrels which exceeded a value of 471 billion and 78 million YR; this makes up 16.3% of the total imports in 2013.”

He added that the Netherlands exported 4.894 million barrels of diesel to Yemen, which is valued at between 136 billion and 219 million YR. The Emirates exported  4,000,935 million barrels which is valued at between 130 billion and 652 million YR, and Switzerland exported 400,049 million barrels which is valued at between 120 billion and 445 million YR. The most important four imports of petrol, diesel, and mazut fuel were ranked to be first in terms of the most important thirty imported commodities in 2013. 41% of the value of Yemeni imports was petroleum, which are amounted to 1.8 trillion YR.

He pointed out that Yemen has imported petrol, diesel and mazut that equaled 35.4 million barrels with a total value exceeding 891 billion and 252 million YR. He explained that petrol itself is the second  most important commodity imported by Yemen, valuing 11.8 million barrels worth 303 billion YR.

The UAE dominated the statistics, with 60% of the imported quantity, composing 7,000,496 thousand barrels at the value of between 188 billion and 947 million YR, followed by the Netherlands which exported 69.3 billion YR to Yemen, and the amount reached 2,000,643 thousand barrels.