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Military Plane Smashed in Al-Anad Military Base

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Donkees are noticelaby seen in al-Anad base

By NY staff

On August 8th, a military plane was smashed at the Al-Anad Air force Base after the hangar collapsed on it due to strong winds and heavy rains that occurred in the Lahij governorate.

An official source said that the military plane was the Czech L39 model. It belongs to the 39 Brigade who operate out of the Anad air base.

A pilot trainer in Al-Anad air force base explained that the strong winds caused the collapse of the iron columns of the hangar onto the plane, which led to significant damage, especially at the rear of the plane. The collapse destroyed a special adapter used to operate the plane.

A senior pilot said that the structure is the most important part of the plane, and any simple damage means the plane is out of service. “The aircraft hangars were built contrary to standards. They should be closed completely from all sides, otherwise the air will enter and they will fall down on the planes,” he added.

The senior pilot emphasized that this is a dangerous accident where other planes could be destroyed in the same way.

The L39 plane is a military training plane that many graduates of the Defense and Aviation College use to train, as well as returning pilots from southern governorates who haven’t trained in a long time.

The plane can be used in ground offensives. It can carry missiles and bombs weighing 250 kg and is characterized by ease of maintenance, simplicity, and longevity.

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