Yemeni Tribal Elder Vows Revenge on Al-Qaeda for Killing Soldiers of His Tribe

National Yemen

Shaikh Atef Amin

By NY Staff

Sheikh Amin Atef announced that he will take revenge for his soldiers who were killed on Friday after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda elements in the street between al-Hutah and Sayoun in Hadhramout.

In a press statement, Sheikh Atef said that al-Qaeda stopped a civilian bus, which was carrying civilians and military personnel to Sana’a. They checked the passengers’ ID cards, picked out the soldiers, and slaughtered them in a heinous crime has never been seen in the land of Yemen, in light of the recent weakness of military and security.

In a condolence message to the wounded nation, Atef said that because of the inability of the state, the rifles of Bani Sareem tribe are ready to take revenge on the killers and all instigators responsible for their deaths and criticized by the silence of the state that failed to secure the soldiers transit and prevented them from taking their weapons when returning to their families on vacation.

“What happened to the innocent soldiers is a crime that deserves tribal revenge for the killer and those who caused this murder to happen, and we promise to fulfill the revenge,” Atef stated.