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Yemenis Newlyweds Donate the Cost of Their Wedding to Gaza

National Yemen

Diaa al-Haq al-Hattari

By NY Staff

In a kind gesture, two Yemeni newlyweds announced that they canceled their wedding ceremony and donated the cost of the wedding to the Palestinians in Gaza.

In August 7th, the groom Diaa al-Haq al-Hattari and his bride Zinab al-Hassani had a small party in their houses and donated the money of the wedding to Gaza. Zinab said that in solidarity with Gaza she canceled her wedding and donated the cost of it to Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement.

“I believe that when we give of our happiness to others, the spirit of humanity and the values of giving are reflected on us, especially to those trapped for 8 years. Gaza deserves our generosity,” Zinab said.

Her brother, Yasser al-Hassani said that the wedding arrangements were being prepared since May, but in Ramadan during the strikes on Shojae’ya and some areas in Gaza, his sister asked him to stop all the arrangements for the wedding, and told him she would donate its cost to the resistance. Her husband agreed too.

“I handed over half a million Yemeni riyals ($ 2,500), the cost of her wedding, to the Hamas office in Sana’a, and we had a small party inside the house,” he added.

The groom, Diaa al-Haq al-Hattari, was planning to hold a huge wedding party accompanied by a large and expensive lunch, but he stopped all arrangements in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Most Yemenis donated money to the Palestinians in Gaza, and went out in marches in solidarity with the Palestinian people, due to the Zionist aggression on Gaza.