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Al-Jawf Governor Explains What is Happening in the Province

National Yemen

Mohammed bin Salim bin Aboud

By NY Staff

The Governor of Al-Jawf, Sheikh Mohammed bin Salim bin Aboud, denied what has been said by Arab and local media that the formation of the People’s Committees came by an order from the Yemeni president to fight the armed Houthi group.

The governor, in a press release published on Saturday on his official social networking site (Facebook), discussed a number of issues relating to the war ongoing with Houthis, presenting an overview of the framework which called for the formation of popular committees to support the army and security to stop Houthi progress and  attacks in the province.

Sheikh bin Aboud pointed out that the formation of the People’s Committees came as a necessity as the security and stability of the province was targeted. The committees’ formation came a year ago after it was discussed with president Hadi as a result of repeated attacks on the army and security. The President announced the need to stop al-Houthi movement expansion.

“The People’s Committees are inspired by the guidance of president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and Major General Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Minister of Defense Ministry,” he added.