Branch of Egyptian University Ain Shams Opens in capital Sana’a

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Ain Shams University open branch in Yemen

By YN staff

Recently, a delegation from Ain Shams University in Yemen signed an agreement in order to open a branch of the Egyptian University Ain Shams in the capital Sana’a in the field of higher education and distance education.

In the meeting, the Egyptian ambassador to Yemen Ashraf Aql said there is remarkable progress in the relationship between Yemen and Egypt in all fields. Ever since the wars in the 1960’s, they were walking beside each other.

Ambassador Aql emphasized that in the coming days, both counties would sign many agreements in all fields and give Yemeni students many free scholarships.

Deputy of Ain Shams University, Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, explained that the cooperation will include many specializations existing in both counties carried out in a modern way like developed countries. He confirmed that the branch will help ease the economic burden for the students in higher education.

The agreement was attended by many professors and officials from Ain Shams University and Yemen University.