CBA Holds Fourth Seminar of Executive Master of Business Administration Program (MBA)

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

On Thursday, August 14, the Center of Business Administration (CBA) held their fourth seminar for the Executive Master of Business Administration Program (MBA), called “Building Future“, under the auspices of Hisham Sharaf, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research at Sana’a University, Yemen and the Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands.

The seminar was attended by a number of known figures and professors from the center as well as graduate students.

The seminar began with a speech delivered by the Deputy Director of the CBA, Dr. AbdulKarim Alsayaghi, who explained the principles which they use in selecting masters topics for the graduate students.

According to al-Sayaghi, they selected the most pressing topics for the needs of the community. “The masters topics were selected by a group of experts and professors in the center, in order to know, measure, and resolve the problems faced by the community,” he said.

Al-Sayaghi mentioned that the three themes of the masters focused on how to manage business in all its forms.

“The first one is workers’ problems in taking decisions and participating in the administrative process. The second is about the problem of hiring graduate cadres. The last one is the role of anti-corruption organizations,” he explained.

Al-Sayaghi concluded his speech by thanking all members of the center for their efforts.

Professor Mohammed al-Motaher, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, spoke about the history and achievements of the CBA.

He considered the center’s ability to continue depending on self-support its best achievement, emphasizing that the CBA is characterized by choosing its students and staff either from Yemen or abroad, and by its administrative programs.

Al-Motaher added that the recognition of the American Academy of the United States and the European continent of their good education program increases the responsibility to be among the best centers and programs of study at the Yemeni university level.

“We should focus on education more than the political conflicts which led the country into an abyss. Education is the only way to develop the county,” he said.

From the Dutch perspective, Drs. Miriam Frijns, the representative of Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, explained the importance of measure in managing business cases.

Masters topics were presented in parallel sessions by the eleven students, and the seminar was concluded with summary session presented by Dr. Abdulkarim Alsayaghi.

The CBA operates as a business and academic institution under the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.