Japanese Ambassador Honors Bazara

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Japanies Ambassador honors Bazara

Asma al-Mohattwari

On August 14, Katsuyoshi Hayashi, the Japanese Ambassador, handed a letter of appreciation to Abubakr Omer Bazara for his outstanding contribution to deepening mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Yemen.

In addition to his brilliant success in the automobile business, Bazara has played a vital role in bridging the two peoples and cultures. Bazara’s dedication has resulted in a positive perception shared by the Yemeni people toward Japan in friendship and peace.

Abubakr Omer Bazara, the founder and chairman of Automotive & Machinery Trading Centre, said that huge efforts have been made in the past years between Yemen and Japan to strengthen their relationship. “We are appreciating this honor and we hope our trade dealings between countries will keep improving,” he added.

“The relationship between Toyota and Bazara started even before we opened the Japanese Embassy in Yemen, and Bazara’s name became associated with Toyota and Japan,” Katsuyoshi Hayashi said.

The relationship between Toyota and Bazara started 60 years ago, and it has been credited with strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

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