Yemen on the Focus of Drama and Tragedy


Watching a big screen TV from long distance is a favorite hobby of many people in this world. Despite of what they are watching, it makes for a pleasant time. The fighting escalations that are happening in different parts of Yemen are not unified either, and each group has a different enemy. Looking at the bloodshed is like a sad, tragic movie. Looking in the other direction and searching for reasons behind the fighting appears like a comedy.

Both scenes have one common goal, killing for power and acts for publicity. Reviewing the past three years of political and human disasters, I went through thousands of different acts. All of them were against ordinary people. The latest one, which I can recall and you may recall with me too, is the slaughtering of the sixteen soldiers in Hadhramout last week. It was a crime that shook the earth and the sky at the same time, carried out by al-Qeada. The reason for the crime was very silly; the soldiers belonged to the northern governorates. It’s almost comedic, but still a tragedy.

On the day after, the military force captured an al-Qeada member suspected of participating in the slaughtering of the soldiers. The day after his capture, his sudden death was announced. This is another tragedy and comedy that makes people astonished at such unbelievable scenes from its own government.

A few days later, the security guards of the former president discovered a tunnel that was made to target the Saleh residence. This has got enough media exposure, though the account of the slaughtered soldiers was supposed to be enough raise the emotions of the military forces to take revenge against al-Qaeda.

Now, people are watching a new chapter of the fighting between the Houthis and the military forces in al-Jawaf, the second largest area for oil reservoirs. With no doubt, the majority of people believe that the Houthis will win and will take over the military equipment’s, just like they did in Sa’ada and Amran.  While the Houthis is attacking military bases in al-Jawaf, al-Qeada is doing the same in the south. They also target banks and steal the money. These are not all the scenarios, but they are the most common repeated actions that haven’t stopped since Saleh handed over the power to Hadi.

People have no hope that the government or military forces will win one day in the future. Even if they do so, they will lose another day. It’s a tragedy that soldiers die for nothing and it’s a comedy because the government knows that it is a target, but they can’t even help themselves. It is a sad movie broadcast in the daily lives of Yemenis.