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Yemeni Group for Transparency and Integrity Launches Study on Political Corruption in Yemen

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By YN staff

On August 14th, the Yemeni Group for Transparency and Integrity organized a seminar about political corruption and launched a scientific study about this phenomenon in Yemen.

In the seminar, Group Chairman Nabil Abdel Hafiz said that the study included a scientific and systematic reading of the phenomenon of political corruption, pointing out that political corruption is the main thing that spoils all aspects of public life.

Hafiz added that the prepared study occurred in six countries, including Yemen, within the project of discussing political corruption in the Arab region which is being implemented by the National Coalition for Integrity and Accountability in Palestine, with a number of branches of Transparency International in the region, including the Yemeni Group for Transparency and integrity.

Professor of Political Sociology, Dr. Abdul Baqi Shamsan, presented the political corruption study as well as a number of recommendations to address this phenomenon.