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Fast Reply by Houthis to Ambassadors Of Ten Countries

National Yemen

Houthi loyalist gather in the access points of Sana’a

The ambassadors of ten countries in Yemen sent a message to al-Houthi’s leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, asking him to stop the escalation and rebellion according to the outcomes of the National Dialogue. The quick reply from al-Houthi’s supporters to the ambassadors’ message said that the fall of Sana’a is only a matter of time and they will expel all dictators and corrupt people led by President Hadi.

Ali al-Bukhaity, a writer, said on his Facebook page that the ambassadors of the ten countries are sponsors of the initiative and the signatories of it but not the Houthis. “We are not a part of their flock,” he said.

A field journalist of the Houthis, Osama Sarrey, said that Sana’a will fall, and then they will expel all the tyrants and corrupt, President Hadi being the first.