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Houthi Replies to the Ambassadors of Ten Countries’ Message

National Yemen

G10 Ambassadors

BY NY Staff

The ambassadors of G ten countries in Yemen sent a message to the al-Houthi group’s leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, asking him to stop the escalation and rebellion according to the outcomes of the National Dialogue. The official reply of Ansar Allah came by their spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam:

The ten countries made a mistake when they allowed themselves to stand in the way of the Yemeni people and have not benefited from the past lessons. This is evident by their confusion in front of the government that was given by them and imposed on the people.

Now the government’s excesses has reached the level of threatening Yemenis’ daily bread after they were dreaming of the prosperity of living and the dignity of life. The Yemenis rose up again, and declared their revolution again, stressing their ability to renew the revolution at any stage that represents a danger of their own and the country’s destiny.

The Yemeni people in their new revolution feel that the government of the Gulf Initiative took the country to their own narrow interests and their concerns of the quota system that brought the nation on the brink of an abyss. The government didn’t stop with this but also announced the price increasing and subsiding of oil derivatives for more destruction. But the people turned to a revolution to uproot the roots of corruption, although they are protected by foreign guardianship, and this is what the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) called for, which is now carried out by people with purity.

The ten countries demanding Ansar Allah to participate in the political process is an attitude that reflects a lack of knowledge of political realism, which the experience of Ansar Allah in the NDC was highly political. Their experience lured to target us and we had many martyrs associated with our participation in the political NDC and after it. What did the state do? Nothing. Where are the perpetrators? Where are the investigations?

How can the ten countries could ask us to be satisfied with a fait accompli and accept it? How can we participate in a government unable to protect our representatives in NDC and hide the criminals and murderers? The incidents in the Ministry of Defense and the central prison proved that the state and some of the ten countries were involved in what is happening in our country and the rest of the Arab countries.

The ten countries ambassadors are reminding us about the Security Council’s demand to withdraw from the areas which we have controlled. Their demand proves that they are fighting Daash and al-‘Qaeda from one side and supporting them from another side.  They are elements of the intelligence planted as a poisoned dagger in the body of Yemenis and supported by government agencies funded by the state who is funding crime and international terrorism.

After all the above, we emphasized the following:

1-     We demand the ten countries ambassadors to stand on the side of the people and respect its dignity and well to live a decent life, and realize the Yemeni people’s demands for reform and change.

2-     The attempt to separate the people from Ansar Allah through the directing their message to Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi himself is conspiracy attempt for al-Houthi is only a citizen carrying the nation’s concern. They have to encourage Ansar Allah to stand side by side with the people to achieve pride, dignity and national sovereignty.

3-     We wish that the situation of those states does not override the United Nations’ Charter with regard to the right of peoples to the practice their political, cultural, and intellectual sovereignty.

4-     The Yemeni people reject foreign guardianship and seek a strong and fair state with its own sovereignty as stipulated in the laws of the United Nations itself, and confirmed by the NDC outputs.

5-     The ten countries ambassadors have to completely stay away from supporting the forces of corruption and leave it to the Yemeni people to choose their government.

6-     The Yemeni people hope to be part of the human progress.

7-     The Yemeni people confirm that they will continue their peaceful revolution until achieving their goals by removing the corrupted government, the abolition of subsidies on oil derivatives, and the implementation of the NDC outputs.

The Houthi replies have come on the same day of the G ten ambassadors message addressing the Houthi leaders to respect the choice of the Yemeni people. The Group of Ten Ambassadors and the countries we represent want to see a stable, secure, and prosperous Yemen.  The people of Yemen, who voiced their desire for political change in 2011, demanded a new Yemen in which no longer individuals or groups impose their will by force on others. They deserve no less and yearn for economic progress, access to basic services, and the elimination of corruption.

We believe that these desires can best be delivered at this stage by a coalition government committed to these principles and goals.

The GCC Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism set out an agreed roadmap to achieve that political transition, culminating in national elections. President Hadi has our full support in bringing together a consensus government to help achieve that goal.

We want all political parties and groups to participate peacefully in the transition and to respect the will of the people. That includes the Houthis. We have been extremely concerned by your recent statements, which have been antagonistic, militaristic, and disrespectful of this transition process, as well as of the authority of the legally established Yemeni government. Threats of the kind you have made against the government are not a way to demonstrate any validity of your claims.

We therefore call on you to respect the maintenance of law and order. Any action aimed to incite or provoke unrest and violence is unacceptable, and will be strongly condemned by the international community.

We furthermore reiterate the demand made by the Security Council on 11 July that the Houthis withdraw and relinquish territory acquired by force and hand over heavy weapons and ammunition pillaged from military facilities to the national authorities.

We ask you to work in a good spirit with the government to implement quickly the outcomes of the National Dialogue, a process in which Houthi representatives made important contributions. We would like to see a return to the positive contributions made by the Houthis.

We believe that you are able to put the interests of Yemen ahead of other ambitions. We also believe that your constituencies are a part of Yemen’s future and have a role to play in national political life, but we demand that you seek political means to express yourselves, not through force, but through transparent, peaceful participation in Yemeni political life as a political party. Yemen has had enough bloodshed for many lifetimes.


Head of GCC Mission – Sana’a Ambassador Saad M. Alarify

Kuwait Ambassador Fahed Al Maya

Oman Ambassador Bader Almantheri

French Ambassador Franck Gellet

British Ambassador Jane Marriott

Russian Ambassador Vladimir Dedushkin

EU Head of Mission Bettina Muscheidt

US Chargé Karen Sasahara

Saudi Chargé Dr Hazza

UAE Chargé Khalid al-Hosani

Chinese Chargé Zhou Liang