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Supporters of Yemen’s Shiite-rebel group set up tents near ministries, escalating standoff

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Today implemented tents for Houthi loyalists in front of the Ministry of Telecom and IT.

Thousands of supporters of Yemen’s powerful, armed Shiite rebel group have escalated their standoff with the government, setting up tents near three ministries to press for a Cabinet reshuffle and reversal of a recent fuel subsidy cut.

Friday was the third day supporters of the Houthi group marched in Sanaa and across the country. In a televised speech late Thursday, leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi described the protest as a “revolution” and denounced what he described as attempts to paint his supporters’ demonstrations as “sectarian.”

The Houthi have for months been fighting ultraconservative Islahi  in Amran governorate, accusing them of turning their strongholds into incubators of extremism.

Today, the higher security committee issued statement condom the Houthi group new upraise inform of the ministries . The security committee called upon the Houthi Militant to free the occupied street and return back home. Many military forces seen surrounding the Houthi tents.


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