Argentina: Yemen’s Primary Maize Source

By NY Staff

The value of Yemen’s maize imports in 2013 increased to 34.3 billion riyals while it was 33.7 billion in 2012. The value of imported quantities reached 503,770 tons, compared to 468,998 tons in 2012.

According to official statistics issued by the Directorate General for Trade Statistics in the Central Bureau of Statistics, Argentina returned to be the most important partner to Yemen in maize imports in 2013 after falling behind in 2012, even though it was the primary source of corn in 2010 and 2011.

Yemen imports maize amounted 349,000 tons from Argentine, costing 23.3 billion riyals. These quantities reflect the interest of the Yemeni consumer in quality, while in 2010 the imports to Yemen were 317,906 tons, costing 16.1 billion riyals, and 215,956 tons costing 14.5 billion riyals in 2011.

Imports from Brazil came in second, where 102,000 tons were imported, totaling 6.6 billion riyals, the same rank occupied by Europe in 2012. In third place came the imports of Indian maize with 41,481 tons worth 3.3 billion riyals and 30,957 tons worth 2.2 billion riyals 2012. In fourth place came imports from Singapore amounting to 9,700 tons worth 630 million riyals.

Imports from China amounted to 366 tons worth 28 million riyals while imports from Pakistan decreased from 5,823 tons worth 404 million riyals in 2012 to 162 tons worth only 12 million riyals.

Maize is one of the most important grain products in Yemen and the amount of its production was about 89,454 tons in 2010, declining to 67,367 tons in 2011, then rising to 78,534 tons in 2012.

Maize is used in industry for the production of vegetable oils, food for children, and bread.