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Yemeni Student Reaches Semi-Finals in Global Competition for Technology in Turkey

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Nader Yahya Alkeenai

By NY staff

A Yemeni doctoral student at the Malaysian University of Islamic Sciences, Nader Yahya Alkeenai, has surpassed 1,647 other global projects to reach the semi-finals in a global competition for technology which will be held in Turkey in October.

Because the competition is a global, the administration of the competition has given a chance for competitors to reach the finals by voting, where the one who gets the most votes will have a free seat in the finals. The owner of the winning project will get 1 million euros.

Alkeenai presented a project called Zcholar, a social network site and community for researchers and students from all over the world. It aims to create a complete platform for important scientists, research papers, and articles.