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Cabinet renews its welcome to UNSC’s statement

The Cabinet renewed on Sunday its welcome to the UN Security Council’s recent presidential statement on the security developments in Yemen.

The Cabinet expressed its appreciation for the positions of the international community in support of the political process in Yemen.

It considered those positions a further evidence of the international community’s support for the Yemeni people at this critical juncture and its support for the on-going transition process based on the terms of the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism and the outcomes of the national dialogue conference (NDC).

The cabinet called on those parties who still insist on resorting to violence and shuffling papers to stand responsibly towards the situation in the country and to adopt to the option of dialogue and peaceful action on the raised issues.

In its meeting, the cabinet dealt with the political, economic and security challenges faced by the country at the current stage.

Regarding the economic affairs, the Cabinet reviewed the level of implementation of the presidential directives and the government decisions relating to easing the implications of the recent decision to end fuel subsidies, especially on the farmers, fishermen and poor groups. It stressed the importance of accelerating the implementation of the remaining directives as soon as possible.

The cabinet reiterated its emphasis on routing the refunds resulting from ending fuel subsidies to improve the conditions of the poor. It also approved to route a part of the expected refunds from applying the fingerprint and photo system in the army and security institutions to improve the conditions of their personnel.

On the security aspect, the cabinet listened to the report of Interior Minister on the security situation and its developments at the level of the capital and the provinces.

The cabinet confirmed its support for the security services’ efforts to enhance the security and stability and protect citizens, stressing the importance of the national alignment to face the challenges and foil the schemes aiming to destabilize the security and social peace.