Selling Words is Easy

By Fakhri al-Arashi

Between the calmness of Yemeni President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the seriousness of Shiite Houthi rebellion leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi, families are falling apart and others are fleeing Sana’a to avoid the worst case scenario.

While I accompanied a friend of mine to Sana’a airport for travel purposes, I was thinking about the possible scenarios concerning the spread of Houthi loyalist in the subways of the airport road. None of negative things I was thinking occurred and we continued driving both ways very smoothly.

What grabbed my attention was the politicians who incite the situation to frighten the masses, who really have nothing to do it. Within two weeks of time, the media battle of speeches between President and the Houthi leader has intensified as if they are selling words to people.

With full respect to the President’s full legitimacy and right to talk to people about the latest incidents, he is again the first person in charge concerning the advancing Houthi rebellion in Sana’a. I truly wonder how the rebellion is surprising to the President and the international community, who just heard another report by the General Envoy to Yemen Jamal Binomer.

I have come to believe that the little people in the street who do not follow politics still have much better wisdom than the leaders who are driving this country to the hell with their useless speeches and stupid behavior.

I am no longer worried like millions of people in Yemen about dying at any moment or losing interest in life and business because of corruption. The Houthi slogans are not applicable and the government is corrupt. In their speeches, they all work for the safety and stability of the people to please the international community, but in fact none of them has listened to the people and or worked on behalf of them.

Again, what is happening in Yemen is like a big market which contains the best brands but the sellers are stupid and only know how to cheat. There have been five public speeches by the Houthi leader in one week and six speeches by the President, and meanwhile people are dying of hunger. People are simply losing interest in this country.

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