UK Foreign Office Minister welcomes UNSC statement on Yemen

National Yemen

Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Ellwood welcomes strong UNSC statement on the conflict in the north of Yemen addressing both Houthi and AQAP actions.

Speaking on the occasion  Mr Ellwood said,

I welcome today’s Presidential Statement from the UN Security Council on the situation in Yemen. The political transition has made important progress in recent months, not least in regard to much needed economic reforms, including the lifting of fuel subsidies.

However the conflict in the north is a significant cause for concern. The activities of the Houthis and others must not be allowed to undermine the political transition which will lead to a better future for all Yemenis. As we made clear in resolution 2140 earlier this year, members of the Security Council are ready to take further measures against those who provide support to acts that threaten the peace, security and stability of Yemen. The Security Council is also determined to address the threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and to sanction individuals or groups who support these terrorists.

Alongside the serious security and economic situation is an escalating humanitarian crisis which requires sustained and determined international attention. The UN’s appeal remains seriously underfunded, requiring an additional $300million. Through Friends of Yemen, we are working closely with the international community to help Yemen address all these challenges. I look forward to the next Friends of Yemen meeting in New York on 24 September where we will discuss the political transition as well as economic and security reform and agree priorities for action in the coming months.