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Very Quickly: Yemeni Families See off Sana’a Summer Festival

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Minister of Tourism sits in the front row admiring the show of the festival

By Tamjid Alkohali

The activities of Sana’a’s seventh Summer Festival concluded yesterday, the 31st of August, after having continued for a week under the slogan “towards safe and stable Yemen and prosperous tourism.” Over 2,500 people participated from all Yemeni provinces and six Arab countries.

The closing ceremony featured many musicians including Yemeni singers and Enshad bands such as singer Omar Bawazir and vocalist Amin Ahamim.

Officials of the festival also announced the names of winners of the Competitions of Plastic Arts and Crafts.

The Director of the Tourist Police and the Protection of Monuments in Sana’a, Abdul Ghallab, praised all the events of the festival and the security.

“Thanks to the Interior and Defense Ministries as well as the agencies and individuals involved in the process of securing the festival. The security protection is the main reason for making the festival very wonderful, and achieving the aim of festival represented by its slogan “towards a safe and stable Yemen,” he said.

For eight days, the festival was a place for fun for many people, especially in a time which Yemen passes through very difficult economic and political conditions.