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Yemen Must Overcome Political Tensions Quickly

National Yemen

Houthi dress in military uniform demand to oust government

By NY staff 

The Saudi newspaper Okaz asserted that the continuing of political tensions and the Houthi siege of the capital Sana’a is not in the interest of Yemen neither the neighboring countries

“This pressure practiced by the Houthi militia using the lifting of subsidies on fuel prices in order to make the government resign won’t succeed through threats and intimidation or the occupation of Amran or obstructing the implementation the outcomes of the National Dialogue,” Okaz stated.

The newspaper added that the silence of President Hadi indicates to his desire to resolving the crisis peacefully. An initiative, which will be launched by President Hadi to resolve the crisis and to implement the outcomes of the National Dialogue, must be the primary plan. But there should also be a backup plan in case Houthis break their promises with President Hadi. In addition, there should be local and international support for President Hadi to overcome the crisis of the Houthi rebellion.