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Yemeni Engineer Innovates A Guide To Sana’a Via Smartphone

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Old city of Sna’a

By NY Staff

A Yemeni engineer has designed guide program to Sana’a for smartphones. The program aims to provide visitors an easy access to places that they require or need.

According to the designer, Waleed al-Qaifi, the program was designed in a modern way and includes important functions such as suggestions for nearby places and maps.

Al-Qaifi added that the program focuses on users’ participation to share their experiences through “Likes” and comments, which form a complete picture of each place in Sana’a. Users can add new places and add pictures through the program. “The aim of this program is to show Sana’a as a historical city,” he said.

The Yemeni designer confirmed that the program is the first tourist program in Yemen for Sana’a on smartphones. Al-Qaifi won first place in the Excellence and Technical Innovation Conference in Bauer Juhu in Malaysia. He presented his project in front of a committee of representatives of major technology companies, including Micro Soft, Oracle, and HP.