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YJS Protests In Solidarity with Journalist Hamid Al-Din

National Yemen

Abdualrahman Hamid al-Deen

By NY Staff

On August 30, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) protested in solidarity for the assassination of Abdualrahman Hammid Al-Deen at the headquarters of the union.

Marwan Damaj, Secretary General of the YJS said, the YJS is working hardly in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior who continues its investigation, expressing fears that the incident has not received a serious attention in light of the situation that is prevailing in the country. “Today’s meeting is the first to discuss the mechanics of pursuing the case and the means of pressure on the authorities to deal with this assassination seriously,” he stated.

Damaj expressed his fear that journalists will be targeted in the coming period as a result of the conflict gripping the country. The participants stressed that that criminals must not escape punishment.

On the other hand, journalist Abdullah al-Haifi, Director of Broadcasters in Sana’a broadcasting, has received a death threat. He said that he received a message though his phone while he was presenting his program. “I informed the security authorities and they have the responsibility to protect my life,” he said.

The activists took such threats seriously and asked all human rights bodies and syndicates to address the serious threats facing journalists. Because of such threats, the Yemeni Center for Press and Media Development declared mandatory registration for memberships in the center for all journalists.

Nibras Amer, the Center’s Deputy Director, said that membership will allow journalists and activists to take advantage of the services provided by the center in many fields, including training, rehabilitation and defense of rights.