Half of Yemenis Don’t Chew Qat

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By NY staff

People abroad think that chewing Qat in Yemen is a tradition that is inherent in each Yemeni and everyone chews it, whether regularly or irregularly.

However, the questionnaire from Square Youth Yemen about chewing Qat is proving the opposite. Half of the participants of the survey do not chew Qat.  32% have never tries it at all and 18% tried it but stopped chewing it.

This result was different than the common belief that most Yemenis chew it. The results from female questionnaire were also different, and 87% of the women in the questionnaire didn’t chew Qat at all. 13% of them chewed Qat once but stopped, while 7% chew Qat from time to time, but the rate of those who chew Qat daily is very small and insignificant.

Regarding different regions, people in Aden are the least likely to chew Qat. About 43% of participants from Aden didn’t chew Qat at all and 14% chew Qat daily, compared with higher rates in other cities in Yemen such as Sana’a and Taiz.

Participants in the questionnaire numbered 609 people, 86% male and 14% female. 46% of the participants were from Sana’a, 12% from Taiz, 11% from Aden, from 6% from Hodeida and 3% from Mukalla.