Water Filters Distributed to More Than 500 Orphans

National Yemen

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

On September 9, The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), in partnership with the Charitable Reform Society, held a launching ceremony to distribute water filters for more than 500 orphans.

The ceremony took place at the TIKA’s office with the presence  of Turkish Ambassador Fazli Corman, the director of  TIKA office Faruk Bozkoz, Secretary General and Assistant of the Charitable Reform Society Yahya Aldba, and a group of orphans.

The ceremony began with a speech delivered by a young orphan named Zaynab who thanked all participants in this project, stressing their need for these filters because of the water pollution in Yemen.

After a wonderful show presented by young girls, the Secretary General and Assistant of the Charitable Reform Society, Yahya Aldba, spoke about the Charitable Reform Society’s strategies. He said that for more than 24 years, the association has offered support for society in different fields. Orphan sponsorship is one of them.

According to Aldba, in this project they select 500 orphans from six provinces: Hajjah, Taiz, Hadramawt, Hudaydah, Lahij, and Sana’a.

The director of TIKA office, Faruk Bozkoz, expressed his sadness about the bad situation in most Arab countries, stressing that the number of orphans is increasing because of political conflicts.

“Orphan sponsorship is considered one of the most important projects because it’s a religious work in which Islam is keen to help orphans. From now we are planning another project to support orphans,” he said.

The last speech was delivered by Turkish Ambassador Fazli Corman, who spoke about the importance of clean water for people, especially children, explaining that each house should have a water filter because they use accumulated rainwater that contains dangerous microbes.

Corman thanked the Charitable Reform Society for their help. He advised Yemenis to resolve their problems by themselves because even if they are supported, no one can improve Yemen like Yemenis.

The ceremony was concluded by distributing water filters for orphans. The water filters were provided by the TIKA office which was established in 2012 to support Yemenis in different fields.