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The National Yemen Editor-in-Chief Participates In WARP Summit in Seoul

National Yemen

By the editor

In response to the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit 2014 (WARP) invitation, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of National Yemen newspaper Fakhri al-Arashi arrived to Seoul on Monday to participate in the summit, which aims to teach global leaders the importance of peace and religious alliances.

The historical peace summit will last for three days and will take place in Seoul, South Korea. Participants come from all over the world including politicians, religious leaders, women and youth leaders and journalists.

The summit chairman, Man Hee Lee, and the chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group, along with representatives of the International Peace Youth Group have begun paving the way to a peaceful future for the world. Together, they have embarked on 13 tours around the world to speak with and gather support from renowned leaders in both secular and religious sectors of society. “This week, all the people we have met during our tours will gather in Seoul at the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit which will be hosted by HWPL in conjunction with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy,” said Lee.

Al-Arashi said that Yemen needs to understand the concept of peace and apply it through the criteria of the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit. Yemen has achieved the best outcomes out of the Arab Spring countries, which have witnessed much violence. “Yemen is still passing through a fragile political situation after obtaining the National Dialogue which was set for nine months to end Yemen’s political, social and economic problems,” said al-Arashi.

Yemeni participation represents different organizations and government officials that are looking to return back to the country with a hope to apply the conference objectives. The three days conference is highly organized and well intentioned to solve religious disputes.


  • Korea's most notorious cult. I hope your editor will honor his profession by researching Lee and the Shinchonji cult instead of believing and then repeating the propaganda. Let me help him with his research: http://www.jmscult.com

  • Thank you Fakhri al-Arashi for accepting Promised Pastor Lee as the messiah. May all of your country soon join Shinchonji and create a heavenly culture on Earth.

  • You will appear in his propaganda videos for years to come. A woman protester was attacked by a member of Lee's cult outside the stadium where you enjoyed free food and entertainment. At least take the time to talk to the victims, many are mothers who just want their daughters and sons back. They will be outside the 63 Building on Thursday and Lee's criminal thugs will try to stop you talking to them. This is South Korea, not North Korea. Do the right thing.

  • Greetings Fakhri Al-Arashi, thank you for posting this article. One thing that I've come to realize is that everyone attempts to put down Mr. Man Hee Lee, but why continue to take jabs at him for trying to do the work of bringing peace? Is peace so wrong? Instead of just pointing the finger at someone why not put in the necessary action to make the world a better place. If chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL continually puts in the blood, sweat, and tears to bring world peace why not support him. If you look through out history most if not all leaders who took a stand to bring change to the world always received positive or negative comments. I hope that one day all of humanity will be able to stand side by side regardless of race, color, and religion. Humanity deserves peace.

    • She does not look hurt, and from what I heard, her claims were reported but police did not follow through with the charges because of what they called "exaggerated claims."

    • I'd be curious how you came by that information^. Certainly from my own experience, the cult's security guards are thugs ordered to harass and intimidate members. That's quite a strange idea of peace they have. If that's your idea of peace, you do not know what the word means.

      Check out my video of the bizarre, cultish, violent, and illegal behavior of WARP summit "security guards" – all acting under the orders of their cult leader Lee Man-hee whom they believe is the messiah. The video ends with an interview with the woman assaulted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecd2XuyC3zs

  • Hello, Mr. Fakhri al-Arashi
    I hope as a journalist you will exercise your craft and research the background on this summit and it's organizers. Many participants have been fooled into signing letters of support for a group with a very nasty reputation in Korea. Please consider the consequences of your participation in such an egregious ploy to create the perception of legitimacy . You would be doing your readers a great service.

    • If you actually read the contents of the agreement they signed, it calls for unity of religions and world peace, two things which the organizers mentioned and promoted to the participants before the signing. Also, the participants are not "fools" and can very well read the English written on the agreement. All of them read the agreement before signing, of course.

      The journalists who attended the Summit are professional journalists who obviously do not take into account any biased "background" articles that are written with no irrefutable evidence. We are journalists, not internet bloggers. Our mission and duty is to promote news fairly and without bias. The consequences of our participation will promote the peace and unity created at the Summit between the different religious leaders and organizations, and judging from your post, many more critical claims unsupported by concrete evidence from internet bloggers.

    • So what's your name Mr "invited journalist"? Professional journalists would have realized the cult has a documented history of abuse in Korea that have been published and broadcast repeatedly in Korea. A professional journalist would know that "blog posts" are written by real people with real experience. Some of whom would be willing to go on the record if you are a real journalist interested in doing some real journalism as opposed to parroting the obvious propaganda of an obvious cult of personality.

      You didn't think Lee's entrance at the stadium to the music of Pomp and Circumstance was at all strange? Lol. You wouldn't buy North Korean propaganda, would you? Well, maybe you would. As for my experiences, I've been interviewed in print, on TV, and on radio as a knowledgeable source by real professional journalists. I've attended numerous cult events, interviewed former members, and read Lee's insane inner teachings. The extent of your research would seem to be the swallowing of propaganda and the receiving of money. If I thought you were an actual journalist instead of a SCJ brainwashed idiot, I'd say you are a disgrace to your profession.