Yemen Still a Safe Place

Fakhri al-Arashi

The political uprising and clashes that are happening in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, still a result of the Gulf Initiative that was designed to protect regional interests in the country. The “brotherly countries” as they love to call them in the Gulf media are having double troubles. The shelling and killing that you can see on the TV channels and read online is real and is still part of the GCC Initiative to achieve the second phase of the transition in the country, mainly after the noticeable collapse of the National Dialogue outcomes.

With full confidence, I am still optimistic that Yemen is still safe place and it won’t see a real civil war as predicted by some Arabic newspapers and media. What makes me feel so relaxed about this is the reaction of the G10 countries, the diplomatic missions and the international NGOs operating in Yemen. By 2011, during the first months of Yemen Youth Revolution, the majority of the diplomatic missions asked for full evacuation to their staff and families.

This is not happening today, even though the blood shed is worse than before and the risk is doubled. The fighting is happening 500 meters away from the President’s house and it is apparently not scary to him and his GCC sponsors. It seems that he is not a target. This is ridiculous and insulting to people’s intelligence. I believe in the idea that politics is a dirty game. The fighting in Sana’a is clearly planned to remove a few political players from power, mainly those who stand in the face of change. It is happening via clashes, which began in an excuses to remove the subsidy cuts for fuel, forming a new trustworthy government, and applying the NDC outcomes.

Now, the calls are not limited to these three points to remove the Houthi’s protestors from street. Even the headlines of the clashes are now different. They have taken a sectarian message and personal rage by blowing up houses and moving to overtake Yemen Satellite TV channels and government offices. Today, I can see the fighting is happening in the name of Shai’at rebellions and Suni brotherhoods. Yet this is not the reality.

I admit that the author of these scenarios is very smart and the stupid ones are the politicians of Yemen, who are looking to copy Syria’s example. Yemen is still safe because the fighting has been shrunken into two groups in the whole community. One more example of Yemen’s safety is the clear interference of the Iranian government that is pushing the Houthi loyalists to continue their mission regardless of the GCC Initiative and the UN sanction that has not yet come. Article 7 of the UN Security Council will never find its way to Yemen.

Even the threat of the general envoy of UN to Yemen is not in his hands since he turned his mission into mediation between rebels and the government. This could be another reason for the Houthi leaders disrespect of the Security Council sanction. Politics is a game in Yemen will continue to be because of all the politicians’ scandals that begin in Sa’ada and end in Sana’a.

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