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Yemeni President: We Completed an Historic Agreement for the Safety of Yemen

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By NY Staff

Yemeni President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi announced that the political parties have succeeded in signing an agreement to end the political riot to ensure the safety and stabilty  of the country’s great nation.
In his speech Sunday 21st, 2014,  after signing the agreement with the Houthis, Hadi called on all parties to work together and move forward for the favor to rebuild the united Yemen and achieve the NDC outcomes. “We have reached a final agreement that will enable all of us to overcome all difficulties with wisdom and prudence to build a new Yemen of freedom and democracy,” Hadi said.

In his speech, the UN envoy to Yemen Jamal bin Omar said that the agreement provides a wide national consultation to arrange a skilled government. He added that the president will issue a decision to appoint a new prime minister, and that the choice of ministers will be transparent.

The UN envoy said that the agreement provides economic decisions in order to raise the standard of living and fight against corruption.