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Iran brags that Sana’a is the fourth Arab capital they control

National Yemen

The four Arab capitals claimed by Iran — Sanaa, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad (AlWeeam)


Iran-backed Shia Houthis celebrated with fireworks on Monday after signing a UN-brokered “peace agreement” that required the government to resign, replacing it with one that gives power to the Houthis. It’s believed that they will follow the same path as Hezbollah in Lebanon — using a power-sharing agreement combined with military power with weapons and money supplied by Iran to take majority control of Yemen’s government.

Member of Iran parliament Ali Reza Zakani, who is close to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, bragged that Sanaa is fourth Arab capital in Iran’s grasp, joining “the three Arab capitals who are already a subsidiary of the Iranian Islamic revolution,” and part of “the greater jihad.” He predicted that 14 out of 20 counties in Yemen would soon be under Houthi control. The other Arab capitals referenced by Zakani are Beirut Lebanon, Baghdad Iraq, and Damascus Syria.

Hezbollah gives Iran a presence in the Mediterranean, Iran itself has control of the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and control of Yemen gives Iran a stranglehold on the entrance to the Red Sea.

Analysts do not believe that the Houthi control of Sanaa is permanent. Sunni ethnic groups are expected to regroup and oppose the Houthis militarily. BBC and Al Arabiya andAlWeeam (Trans) and Daily Star (Beirut)