Local News

Youth Kills Leader of the Guarding Battalion of Oil Companies

By NY staff

On Tuesday September 23rd, the leader of the Guarding Battalion of the Oil Companies, Mohammed Hussein al-Qahm, was killed in a Qat market nearby Petro Masila oil company Gail bin Yemeen directorate in Hadramout province, southeastern Yemen.

According to local sources, al-Qahm was killed by five shots fired by one of the relatives of the chairman of the Alliance of Hadramout tribes, Omer bin Habreesh, one of the Alhmoom tribes, after al-Qahm tried to arrest him in the Qat market near the entrance of the Masila Petroleum Company.

The youth took the gun of al-Qahm and emptied five shots in al-Qahm’s head. The soldiers of al-Qahm shot and killed the young boy.