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Al-Qaeda Militants Arrive In Al-Bayda Province

National Yemen

By NY staff

Tribal sources in Abyan province have stated that a large number of al-Qaeda members have left the Lauder, Al-wadia, and Mahfad directorates heading toward Al-Bayda province to fight Houthis presence over there.

The sources added that a group of al-Qaeda has left Mawan, including some members with foreign nationalities went to Al-Bayda under the slogan “cleaning Al-Bayda from Shiat (Houthis)” after the fall of the capital Sana’a in their hand including some other northern provinces.

Tribal sources in Al-Bayda said that they have watched a number of assassinations and bombings of shops of citizens who are loyal to the Houthis, which comes with the appearance of more al-Qaeda members who claim to fight against Houthis publicly on the streets of the city.