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Alzubh: The State Conspires With Forces Against Yemen

National Yemen

By NY staff

The General Secretary First Deputy of the NDC Secretariat,Dr. Afrah Abdul Aziz Alzubh, has submitted her resignation, considering the Houthis over take of the capital Sana’a an insult to the state.

“After the downfall of Amran on July 8, 2014, the Houthi militants continued their way to Sana’a to break the rest of the state and its institutions in Sana’a on September 21, 2014,” she claimed.

In her letter of resignation to president AbdRabboo Mansur Hadi, Alzubh accused the state of conspiracy for joining forces with those who don’t want a homeland.

“The political process today is only a fake veil which gives rights to militants who don’t want a real homeland. These militants think and speak with a language of bloodshed and killing . They want to enter in the political process in order to achieve gains which are not Yemen and Yemeni,” she stated.

Alzubh confirmed that the fraudulent events will exacerbate the problems of Yemen and the aims of these forces are for special interests, not for the interest of Yemen as a whole.

“The occupation of Sana’a and its institutions has broken the faith in my heart of the sincerity of the political process, which aims to lead Yemen to a better future. Therefore, without trust and belief I can’t work,” she added.

Alzubh pointed to the participation of senior leadership in what is happening in Sana’a, stressing that she no longer trusts any representatives of the state.

However, Alzubh said that Yemen would live and flourish, and that the lights of civility and freedom would shine on every inch of Yemen’s lands. She believes that one day Yemenis will be proud of Yemen and all projects of death and narrow interests will end soon.