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Sari: Yemeni Media are Dens for al-Qaeda

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Sari: Yemeni Media are Dens for al-Qaeda

By NY staff

With the media preoccupation with the sequential events in the capital Sana’a, the editor of Almasar newspaper which belongs to Ansarallah (Houthis), Osama Sari, has described a number of institutions and the media as terrorism supporters that harbor large quantities of weapons.

On his page in facebook, Sari stated that there are villas around Sana’a run by the Islah Party and Gen. Ali Mohsen as arms depots, workshops to produce explosives, and shelters for assassination teams who massacred more than 270 innocent Yemeni officers as well as protesters.

“One of these institutions is al-Shamoa publishing house which has large quantities of weapons as well as many terrorists from different nationalities training in the printing presses.” He continued, “There are also neighborhoods filled with weapons and explosive devices like the house of writer Abdul Wali al-Shamiri.”

Sari demanded the formation of a legal committee to provide files of the channels and newspapers that are affiliated with al-Qaeda, such as Suhail, Alahali, al-Masdar, Marib Press, Al-Sahwa, al-Nnas,  Akhbarelyom, Saba Agency, and Yemen TV as well as the files of human rights organizations, which played a prominent role in the infringement of the sovereignty of the country.