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Saudi Arabia Evacuates Citizens from the Yemeni Borders

National Yemen

The General Directorate of the Saudi Border Guards revealed that they started to implement the project of the southern border security. The project included roads, installations and security contraindications supported by advanced system of electronic surveillance devices on the border with Yemen and Oman.

A spokesman for the General Directorate of Border Guard, Gen. Muhammad Al-Ghamdi said that the border guards in the northern region did not monitor the presence of villages inside the campus border, though specialized committees began to take people in to safe areas and compensation for their property.

According to Gen. Al-Ghamdi that the presence of villages in the border line is a threat to the lives of its inhabitants, and makes it points for intruders and smugglers, moreover, they hinder border guards in pursuit operations.

In regard to the number of inhabitants and villages in the southern regions are likely being transferred, he said that he could not give a precise number of the population and villages only after the committees finish their works.

Saudi Arabia government stopped the villages on its territory under the guidance of senior prohibiting the establishment and development of any new areas, especially as it hinders the work of border guards to the difficulty of distinguishing between intruders and citizens.

The guidance came after a month of Al-Qaeda attacks in Sharūrah province (south of the country) that resulted in the death of a security man, killed three of the attackers and wounding the fourth and arrested him.