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Unstable Yemen a threat for Gulf ministers

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Instability in Yemen, where Shiite rebels overran the capital last week, threatens regional security, interior ministers of the Sunni-dominated Gulf Cooperation Council said after an emergency meeting on Wednesday. “The GCC states will not stand idly by in the face of factional foreign intervention as Yemen’s security and the security of the GCC states are one and the same,” the ministers said in a statement after talks in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. Yemeni authorities have accused Iran of backing the Houthi rebels in a similar fashion to their support for Lebanon’s powerful Shiite militia Hezbollah. The GCC ministers “confirm that any threats to the security and safety of Yemen and its citizens is a threat to regional security and stability, and interests of the people.” The rebels advanced from their stronghold in northwestern mountains to the capital Sanaa last month, then seized key state installations with little or no resistance on September 21. Gulf ministers called the events “regretful” and expressed “their serious.