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Houthis advance in the country despite power-sharing deal

National Yemen

Hind Mustafa, Al Arabiya News

Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels who shocked the region with a surprise takeover of the capital Sanaa last month are forcing their political choices on the government and expanding their control in other parts of the country despite signing a power-sharing deal with the president last month.

Last week a presidential nominee for prime minister’s job, Awad bin Mubarak, stepped down following mass protests by the rebel group.

Clashes continues between Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels and Sunni tribesman in the southern province of Ibb killed at least 20 people on Friday, Al Arabiya correspondent in the capital Sanaa reported.

The rebels, who have been advancing into mainly Sunni areas of Yemen, met deadly resistance from the heavily-armed tribesmen as well as al-Qaeda militants, according tribal and security sources said.